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Rotating Elbow for Round Handrail

Model: 360ELB

360° Rotating Adjustable Connecting Elbow For FMF Round Handrail
Can Be Used In Exterior Setting Or Interior Setting

Construction Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel

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Check out the amazing design of FMF’s Rotating Elbow for Round Handrails that can be installed at varied angles. They are easy to install and use for connecting the round handrail tubes. Secure your handrail installations at stairways, porches, or commercial areas with our Rotating Elbow for Round Handrail. It is flexible in nature; so, you can rotate the handrails 360°. They are sturdy and long-lasting due to their construction in 316 Grade Stainless Steel. They can be used in interior and exterior installation projects.

Our rotating elbows are well suited for a varied range of installation requirements as the elbows are available in two sizes - 38.1MM and 42.4MM. Our elbow connectors are perfect for elevation and transition between staircases constructed at different heights. The finished steel look gives an elegant appeal to the rotating elbow connectors for the round handrail, therefore, valid for long-time use. Rest assured, we can help you achieve your architectural installation goals with our wide range of hardware solutions.

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